Minnesotan Indians

 Most of the indigenous people of Minnesota were Sioux Indians, also known as the Dakota or Lakota. Other tribes included the Anishinaabe and the Northern Plains Indians.

When the Europeans arrived in Minnesota in the early 1800's, they brought with them diseases to which the natives had no immunity, which meant that they could often be killed by chicken pox or the common cold. On top of that, the Europeans were not satisfied with the land they had, so once a village was nearly obliterated by these simple diseases, they would often go in and settle on the land where the Indian village once stood. Naturally, many Indians were upset by this. To the natives, things like scalping a defeated enemy was common, so when they would retaliate- as I probably would have done myself- they were seen as savages and a common hostility towards them spread among many of the European settlers.

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